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speed at scale

Adobe Experience Manager customers can now unlock all powers of the modern web - without the platform rebuild. Decouple your architectures by introducing StreamX data pipelines that move and process data from backend systems into a unified data layer.

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Digital Experience Mesh for AEM

Put your data in motion

StreamX pipelines listen for data changes that trigger experience processing in real time. Experiences are then sent to the unified data layer - a real-time Single Source of Truth that's always up-to-date, quick to access, and globally available.

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Build experiences,
not workarounds

Connectors designed specifically for Adobe products simplify the AEM-DX Mesh setup and cut through your platform limitations. With built-in templating, updates, and publishing blueprints you’ll get market-ready, fast.

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Free CMS from dependencies

DX Mesh decouples AEM, so it’s no longer an integration hub. Each part of your system can now scale on its own, which reduces complexity and preserves architectural integrity as the system grows. This is what we call true composability.

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Maximize your Adobe investment

Stop settling for "robust but complex". StreamX empowers you to add speed and composability to your existing AEM architecture without the need for a costly rebuild.

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Adobe Experience Manager

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AEM as a Cloud Service

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Adobe Commerce

Boost project productivity

Over time, AEM projects can become more resource-intensive. But with the modern technologies StreamX delivers, you can scale while consistently exceeding customer expectations.

  • Dynamic components that perform like static content

  • Complete, relevant sitemap for a multi-source/multi-project site

  • Search that unites data from multiple sources

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So that AEM engineers can leverage all technology advancements

Meet people behind StreamX

The StreamX manifesto

Speed up development cycles

StreamX delivers HTTP-native REST endpoints, offering developers a familiar way to integrate external systems, web services and APIs.

  • Quick start

  • Blueprints

  • Service mesh

  • Scaling

  • Observability

  • Cloud

Power up the way you build

StreamX abstracts the complexities of event streaming specifically for web development use cases, so that complex setups can finally become straightforward.

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Building fast backends

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Backend for Edge Delivery

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Multiple backends

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Employing microservices

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Reviving legacy



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