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StreamX introduces event streaming to digital experience platforms, transforming them into flexible, decoupled systems that can process experience data in real time.

How StreamX works

The Digital Experience Mesh

With StreamX, all experience data processing is handled by the service mesh that integrates the incoming data in real time and feeds it to a unified data layer.

Event streaming pipelines within the mesh transform the data incoming from integrated backend sources into digital experiences ready for lightweight global delivery.

How the Mesh works
Digital experience service mesh


Adobe Experience Manager


Adobe Commerce




Streaming API









Bricks of code

Built for web developers

StreamX service mesh provides an abstraction layer for web development on distributed, event-streaming microservice architecture.

AEM development teams can integrate backend systems via web-based protocols and develop new services in the mesh using function-oriented codebase.

Build composable architectures

Update experiences with fresh data 24/7

Process real-time data at scale

Make business logic fully modular

The magic underneath

Under the hood, StreamX uses event streaming and reactive programming to provide your AEM platform with:

Fully decoupled architecture and no data source dependency

Real-time processing of data from customer platforms and integrated applications

High performance + low latency for delivery and integrations

Geo-localized distribution and auto-scalable, lightweight experience delivery

StreamX's flavour of event streaming
Bricks of code

Solve without rebuilding

DXP Problem:

Experience data orchestration

StreamX way:

Experience data pipelines defined in the service mesh.

DXP Problem:

Keeping experiences up to date

StreamX way:

Fast, scalable unified data layer close to the customer

DXP Problem:

Backend performance impacts speed and uptime

StreamX way:

Push model for gathering and storing source systems data; continuous updates for ahead of demand experience delivery.

DXP Problem:

Complexity from growing integrations

StreamX way:

Middleware that handles the task of managing and scaling communication between systems.

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